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Image of Wayne Turner, a North Carolina Green Party candidate, running for Governor.

North Carolina Green Party Candidate 2024

People often talk about change in politics. What they usually mean is reform within a narrow set of economic and social possibilities that won’t upset the wealthy and powerful too much. I can and will make recommendations for change inside these confines, but the changes we need to make the most will ensure the survival of future generations, and to provide the best life possible for ourselves and for those generations, within the limitations of our natural environment. Global warming and its implications are  occurring in a society already beset by institutional racism, extreme wealth inequality, and persistent poverty.

The state of North Carolina  can strive to create a model for future societies that will be devoid of hunger and poverty, want of clothing and food, and the possibility of a good life for all. We can create new governmental, environmental, and economic practices that will start North Carolina in this direction. And we can do this with expanded democracy, and better awareness of sustainable solutions that do not impoverish future generations.

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