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Durham Association of Educators Needs Your Support

After an unexpected budget shortfall in the Durham Public School System earlier this year, Durham Public Schools employees found themselves denied promised raises and support. In the ensuing months, the board of the Durham Public School System (DPSS), in consultation with the Durham Association of Educators, have worked out a budget that will restore not only raises but also hire extra staff to remove excessive workloads forced by state budget cuts. This important budget goes to the Durham County Commissioners this month, with a request to the county to find the funds that are needed to protect the DPSS from further reductions in services to students.

The Durham Association of Educators is engaging the public in a campaign to write letters to the county commissioners urging them to find the funds needed to support the DPSS budget. Please visit their Facebook page to find locations where you can participate in this campaign, or get in touch with DEA at their website.

DEA is also working to reach another milestone, which is to represent the majority of DPSS employees in negotiations with DPSS. Because North Carolina does not allow public employees to bargain (a remnant from the Jim Crow era which should be removed), DEA is working on Meet and Confer Agreements to see that educators and employees have a seat at the table when budgets are being discussed. I would like to see this arrangement taken up by public sector employees and municipal and county governments across the state. In the face of the virulently anti-union legislature, it may be the only avenue for public sector employees to get a fair shake.

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